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Genpar Automotive Trade. ve San. Ltd. Sti. In 1968 Genoto - Bedford as the main dealers began its commercial life. 1994 Genoto of the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer Iveco distributor in Turkey with slowing down the activity of the highway Marketing Inc. has been the first 4S dealers in Turkey.
Genpar Automotive trained and experienced staff in line with the philosophy of total quality and exceptional service to its customers the highest level of customer satisfaction has its principle; The Iveco brand in Turkey and in the success graph to quickly upgrade "High Quality - Modern Technology - Best Solution Partner" concept was to play an important role in positioning the commercial vehicle market.
Vehicle sales - service - spare parts for sale - is Genpar which provides all the insurance services and car rental services Automotive "best solutions for its customers' activities by understanding built on 10,600 m2 Bağcılar - continues in Istanbul facility.

The Genpar automotive, fleet vehicle customers from the design stage to be used, serves a wide range of sales training. Genpar the automotive, food, beverage, transportation, tourism, track, transport services and other standard types of tools used in the industry, our special production vehicles garbage trucks and water tankers to provide customers first. No matter what industry, no matter what size your vehicle fleet Genpar Automotive, finance and sales continue to respond to your needs regarding support


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